please contact gallery representation for pricing info Bren SculptingAphrodite Pride of FrieslandEsoteric PromisesHaleyReleasing the VeilAfricaThe Immigrant 13.5Pride of Friesland, back viewPride of FrieslandEVE, Lifesize figureSpirit WarriorIsland GirlThe Painter, Francis HardyDragon FantasyBellababy and frog fountainWoman of ProphecyFishers of MenACHILLES, clay and bonded bronzeBaby Bunny Offspring of LepusHer LegacyJim QuanMr. WaltMosesd. figureDaedalusDaedalus. figure close-upWild Cayuse, Mustang of the WestDragon FantasyYoung Friesian StallionPride of FrieslandAs Time Flies Haley in processCommission in ProcessSculpting from Life Sculpting in StudioThe Tree QuestAs Time FliesFrom Whence She CameNature's Mischief MakerCommuning with Creatorin studioDetermined Partners