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Sculptor Bren Sibilsky Creates Animated Poetry in Form: A Creative Visionary and Seeker of Truth


by Renee Phillips, author, arts writer and director of Manhattan Arts International


 For artist Bren Sibilsky there is no subject that is beyond her extraordinary capabilities. She is equally proficient in sculpting full standing figures, equestrian statues, portraits, and small scale reliefs.

The international full-time artist has attracted many collectors from North America and Europe. She demonstrates artistic prowess beyond her years and has consistently won multiple awards in a range of mediums throughout her accomplished career. She is also the founder and an instructor at the Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art, in Wisconsin.

As a creative visionary and seeker of truth and of our place in the universe Sibilsky cracks open the veneer of myth, mystery and legend with inimitable bravura. She unveils a palpable reality that transcends the physical properties of her forms and materials. Through her skillful hands that are guided by acute sensitivity she illuminates her subjects’ intrinsic beauty, grandeur and magnificence. As she accurately states, “I work with the alchemy of sculpture.”

Sibilsky pushes classical subjects to daring emotive heights and is capable of portraying a range of expressions in any medium she chooses. It is abundantly clear that she creates animated poetry in form.

We observe this poetic splendor in the exuberant and awe-inspiring bronze sculpture “Young Friesian Stallion.” It conveys an ever-victorious power of grace, will and triumph. The artist, who owns horses, imbues each horse she sculpts with the love and devotion she has for her own animals. It is no surprise that she is the most sought after sculptor for fellow horse owners and has created many commissioned works of art.

In her style of classical representation with baroque undertones Sibilsky has created an ongoing series of timeless mythological figures.

Her award-winning and beloved “Aphrodite” turns her torso and stretches her arms above her head in a graceful ballet posture while a translucent veil delicately wraps her body and swirls around her legs. This idealized figure symbolizes love, balance, beauty, and femininity while it reverberates with an undulating crescendo of power and exaltation. “Aphrodite” was selected for the “Love” exhibition sponsored by the prestigious National Sculpture Society.

Bren Sibilsky explores the meaning of our existence and the life cycles of change and evolution. This is particularly apparent in “Releasing the Veil”.  This work of art is a profound metaphor for what might be one’s emergence from the shrouds of cloaked superficiality to the flowering of wisdom, discovery and self-actualization.

Her emotive story-telling process through sculpture is shared through contrast, balance and harmony – complete with motion and stillness, smooth and tactile surfaces, open space and detail, and softness with strength.

Sibilsky’s portraits are imbued with a compelling likeness due to her keen observation of detail. More importantly they inform us of a visible form of the spiritual self and depth of humanism. Simply stated, she not only conveys her subjects’ characteristics she exposes their inner persona as well.

In viewing “Francis Hardy” we witness a kind of metaphysical essence in this portrait that pays homage to a beloved artist. As we come face to face with his animated countenance and dignified stature we can almost see him breathing. This work of art exemplifies Sibilsky’s virtuosic mastery of modeling in clay.

A graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with honors Sibilsky is also an expert in drawing and painting. “Father”, a sensitive drawing that captures her father in a private and poignant moment in time, recently won an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” 2014 juried exhibition. This work of art in charcoal and conte pencil was selected by Lilly Wei, art critic for Art in America magazine, who served as the co-juror with me for this highly competitive international competition.

As viewers of her art we experience a sense of wonder and anticipation with each new encounter. We witness the unfolding of new mysteries and truths as she awakens our potential for transformation and transcendence. That is what we expect from masterful works of art and Bren Sibilsky most certainly delivers.

Among her many honors and awards include those from Manhattan Arts International, International ARC Salon™ and the National Sculpture Society, New York, N.Y.

Sibilsky’s many one-person and group exhibitions include those at: the Miller Art Museum; Koehline Museum; Fairfield Museum; Cedarburg Cultural Center; Plymouth Art Center; The Francis Hardy Gallery; and Arc Gallery; among others.

She has been interviewed on WBDK radio and featured in many publications including the Resorter Reporter, Peninsula Pulse, and Professional Artist magazine.


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